What type of IDs can I submit for my TrueMoney Wallet upgrade?

Make sure to submit any of the following valid IDs: 

Driver’s License

UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID)


TIN (Tax Identification Number)


Postal ID 

Senior ID

Voter’s ID


Here are some reminders before submitting your ID to TrueMoney: 

  • Make sure that your valid ID is: 
  1. Clear and the ID information should be readable.
  2. The holographic stamp should not  cover your ID information.
  3. Complete and not cropped.
  4. Taken in a well-lit place.
  5. Updated, valid and not expired.
  6. Not a photocopy and not captured from another device. 
  • Make sure that your SELFIE with your ID is: 
    1. Clear and taken in a well lit place.
    2. Wearing appropriate/proper attire.
    3. Face should be fully captured on the frame.
    4. You should not be wearing a mask, eyeglass, headgear or other accessories.
    5. Should match the ID photo that you submitted.
  •    Make sure that the INFORMATION you submitted is the same with your ID: 
  1. Your name and date of birth should match your ID information.
  2. The address that you have provided in the registration and ID should match.
  3. All the other information from your registration should match your ID.

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